Sunken Grid with Koi Video Projection

The following images illustrate a sculpture installation which combines an iron casting of a fragment of a tree hit by lightning, an architectural cell structure made of gabion wire and a video of koi. The sculpture can be seen under several programed lighting conditions: fully lit, partially lit with video projection, and with just the video projection.

The grid structure is made from gabion material, used in systems to prevent erosion.  

    “The Nature of Things - Sunken Grid" Just as I thought “this must be a sunken treasure,” I realized that the video projected across its surface showed a swirling school of koi, their orange and white bodies flickering on the floor, through the coop, and onto the walls.  I was submerged in the silent-but-very-busy depths of an unknown ocean, a witness to the intersection between man and nature.  As we learned these past two weeks, man is not always in control of the outcome!"  Doreen Bolger