The Lawrys Island Project    2009-11

This is a series of photographs taken on a remote island in the Penobscot Bay in Maine.  They address the isolation and the affect of changing light and atmospheric conditions.

These photographs are printed on Fine Art paper and are in editions of 5.


     "Ruppert’s photographs also capture meetings in time and space. His digital shots of shifting light and darkness are so subtly and richly hued that they read almost as paintings or pastel drawings. Quieter and more introspective than his sculptures, they speak of even more immense forces and remind us that the changing light of sun and moon were for millennia the only clues humans had to the mechanics of earth’s relationship to the cosmos."

     “Final Light - The luminous softness Ruppert has captured comes from the light of the setting sun refracting through the atmosphere back to the eastern horizon. In this instant, as sea, islands and the breathable layer of air protecting them wait to be engulfed by the approaching darkness, you can feel the mighty turning of the earth rolling away from the sun." Mary McCoy

      "bordered on abstraction.    Despite their tie to a specific place and time, the simplicity and emotional power of works like Final Light are reminiscent of Mark Rothko and others in his generation."  Doreen Bolger